Used the snow blower four times this week

posted by Jeff | Thursday, December 23, 2004, 11:09 AM | comments: 2

As Stephanie mentioned, we're getting fairly hammered here with snow. I used the snow blower for the fourth time this week, a new record.

When we bought the house in spring 2001, I wondered if I'd ever need a snow blower. That winter wasn't too bad, so we didn't get one. The next winter, I couldn't stand it, and got a little MTD. It got a fair amount of use, then a little use this year. This week was the first time since I got it that I had to buy additional gas and oil for it.

Like I said, the first snow is charming, but I'm done with it now. It got just warm enough, around 32, last night to cause it to melt a little and bring a little rain. Beneath the new four inches since I cleared the driveway last night, there was a nice layer of slush. The end of the driveway is even worse. The snow blower managed to deal with most of it, but only with a great deal of pushing and humping. I can feel it in my arms and back now.

Living somewhere subtropical gets more appealing every year.



December 23, 2004, 5:01 PM #

That is why Gordon would love to move to the desert southwest someday.

Personally, I love snow, especially at Christmas time. What I dislike is driving in it. We got around 6-8 inches. A pittance compared to you.

The year before last our small snowblower died, and after busting my back shoveling, I insisted we purchase another just prior to another predicted snowfall. All the smaller, cheap ones were sold out, so we sucked it up and bought a large Toro. Frankly, I'm glad we did. It plowed through our snow in 20 minutes, and even when we get the heavy, slushy stuff, it's capable of removing it without a lot of humping.

Of course, now that I've got my white christmas, it doesn't have to snow again this year.


December 24, 2004, 12:11 AM #

That is nuts. We got about 6 inches on Sunday night and I was happy since it got us out of school. We've been high and dry, as far as snow is concerned, but right now it's like a monsoon out there.

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