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posted by Jeff | Thursday, June 11, 2009, 1:42 AM | comments: 0

I started to take a stab at cutting the Starlight Experience video that I shot at Cedar Point last weekend. I know that I've said before that one of the freeing things about the Internet is that you're not bound by television editing standards. If you're serving a niche audience in particular, you can show a lot more and worry less about the pace of what you're cutting.

My first pass was 20 minutes, which is way too long, if only because I don't intend to be serving a file that huge. Lance, the guy who also walked us through the Halloweekends stuff last fall, gave me a ton of good material of various levels of geekiness. In the end, I cut out about five minutes, mostly stuff that got into more specific programming for lighting that would probably not interest most of our audience.

It's still hard for me to let go of the TV standards sometimes, and I find myself being critical of that. I keep reminding myself that the audience doesn't care.

One thing that continues to be difficult with that rig is the non-shoulder position, as I've said before, which indirectly has me not focusing quickly depending on how I'm trying to brace the camera. Non-focus in HD is really bad. Fortunately I was able to cover most of that up with B-roll.

Not sure when this will post. I still need to add graphics, and I suspect Walt will post photos first. Then we can let the bandwidth onslaught begin!


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