Video: The Move (and other thoughts on video)

posted by Jeff | Sunday, December 27, 2009, 9:54 PM | comments: 1

I finally cut some of that video from our move. It's a whole lot of cats being annoying and/or sleeping, but there's a fun moment with us at Rushmore. As much as I wasn't looking forward to that trip, I'm glad we took it, and that I drove the entire way.

I've been recording most of the stuff on the 7D in the flat color profile I downloaded, since the popular opinion is that this preserves as much dynamic range as possible to allow for color grading later. I've also found that shooting at ISO 400 or 800 is about as far as you can go and still maintain reasonable noise. That said, I hope to re-cut the stuff I shot at Cedar Point (that wasn't color graded at all) and then the stuff from Disney World.

Coloring video, or at least video intended to look like film, is new to me. I've watched some excellent tutorials by Stu Maschwitz, one of the founders of The Orphanage and origin of the Magic Bullet software. It definitely takes some practice and messing around, which is all the more reason I'd like to get out and shoot more stuff. I'd really like to complete the rig with a shoulder mount and place to put my good microphone though. The handheld look is not so great, actually.

I'm putting up my HVX200 on craigslist. We'll see if I can unload it to finance my accessorizing.

Here's that video from our cross-country drive (link):



December 28, 2009, 8:17 AM #

I don't know why but the 'don't be a bitch' comment made me laugh :) Nice Video

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