Volleyball conundrum

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 11:08 PM | comments: 0

As planned, I've been looking into coaching volleyball again for the next J.O. season. I've talked to several clubs so far, and two were about as non-ambitious and competitive as possible. (The entire region is not really at the level that OVR was, unfortunately.) The one that I've actually met with pretty much guarantees me a spot with a national team, but I'm pretty hesitant for a number of reasons that maybe I shouldn't worry about. After getting burned by my long-time club, I'm still a little gun shy about trusting club directors.

But there's a bigger issue as well, that I'm very deeply concerned about the impact on my time with Simon. Practicing two nights a week basically means not seeing the boy at all two days, and of course one or both weekend days are tournament times. That doesn't exactly sit well with me, because he'll never be this age again.

I haven't made any decisions yet, since I'm still waiting to hear what team they want to put me on, but at this point I'm a little hesitant. I wonder if perhaps I should wait another year or two, when Simon is a bit more routine and has more waking hours. I really miss the coaching though, so I'm not sure. I think I've got a good month or so to really think about it.


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