Waiting to hurry up, getting out on our last day

posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 8, 2009, 5:37 PM | comments: 0

We had another beautiful day here, near 70 and sunny. There isn't much of anything we can really do around the house, because everything is packed, so we headed down to the Cuyahoga Valley for some minor sightseeing and one last meal at the Winking Lizard's Peninsula location. (Oddly enough, Peninsula is not in fact surrounded by water in any way.)

I had my usual favorite, the Cajun chicken sandwich with fries. The thing I love about the food there is that it's consistently good, and not expensive. There are a number of different chicken meals they have, all delicious. The "dinner" in particular is good, with chosen sides as a baked potato and rice pilaf, plus garlic bread.

The Peninsula location is neat because it's a very old building, once existing as a night club. That seems so odd to me given its location, but then again, it's on an old rail line and the place is a zoo even today.

We also did a little walk around the canal lock and river, which we've done countless times before. With the leaves gone, everything is very monochromatic and cold in appearance, but it was so warm today. We even got to see the train roll in. I took lots of pictures.

Tonight we'll go to BWW and meet up with Diana's BFF, then the chaos begins early tomorrow morning when the truck arrives. Cousin Dave will drive me to the airport to pick up our rental minivan, and by the end of the day, we'll be in South Bend, Indiana.

Last night ever sleeping in this house. I can't even get my head around that. I'm ready to be gone and at the same time will miss it.


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