Wearing a little thin

posted by Jeff | Friday, March 26, 2010, 11:40 PM | comments: 0

I hate to admit it, but we had kind of a tough time today. We took Simon for one of the customary tests today at the hospital, where unfortunately they had to stick him in the foot to get blood samples. He was not pleased. This was after a torturous 15 minutes in the car where he needed food in the worst way. That causes Diana huge anxiety. She gets very panicked when he cries hard.

That's really where we're struggling at the moment, because it feels like we're feeding him constantly. He never got to wear newborn clothes (well, we tried the first few days... they didn't fit), he's at the top of the range in size, and man can that kid put down formula like it's his job. I did some quick math, and I think he was eating fully 6 out of the last 24 hours. Again, the doctor says he's healthy and tip top, just a bit ahead of schedule.

I think there's a silver lining though, in that he at least seems to have two long stretches of sleep the last few nights, usually the first crossing midnight, and the second crossing 3 a.m. I've been trying to cover those, since I've had trouble sleeping, and Diana has been taking two morning feedings.

He still has many cute and sweet moments, fortunately, even though the poor kid has the bad baby acne right now. And he's definitely getting chubby in the face. It's all normal, and maybe the scariest thing about it is just how fast he's cycling through all of the normal stuff. He'll probably start college next week.

Meanwhile, Diana is having sore throat issues, when concerns me since that's how my sickness went last week. She's exhausted, and even when I'm covering Simon, isn't getting solid sleep. She's such a light sleeper to begin with, and the last five or six months of getting up a half-dozen times to pee or attempt to be comfortable didn't help. I'm so thankful that her aunt will be here next week to help out a little (and so begins a parade of people visiting, which in some ways causes stress).

I'm finding myself mostly just tired, and still not respiratorily correct (I think I just made up a word). I can't turn off my brain. You know what the dumbest concern is? Worrying about getting the sleep cycle right for my return to work in a week. Plus I find that some of my hobby/business ideas are unsatisfying (a topic for another post).

Things will get easier. We know this.

You know our first wedding anniversary is a week from Sunday? What a first year!


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