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posted by Jeff | Sunday, November 22, 2009, 11:04 PM | comments: 0

Despite my generally high level of stress, I think it's fair to say that we got some stuff accomplished this weekend. Diana's persistence around the kitchen in particular paid off, and it's just about fully functional. There's no food in it, mind you, but once there is, it'll be functional!

I did get basic TV and Xbox functionality in place last night, and this morning I finished the new bookshelf. I really like it. Eight feet is really tall, but I like the tall and narrow look. I suspect we can now ditch one of the older crappy units that have been with me a long time.

I also got my desk mostly built, and I really, really like that as well. I got it up an hour before we recorded the podcast, and dropped everything on it just to the point that it was all functional enough. I should have pitched the old desk in Cleveland. The new one is really solid, and looks fresh and clean. I can't believe how heavy the steel parts are.

Of course, this furniture building didn't go entirely smoothly, with parts missing from both the shelf and the desk, but I had to go back to Ikea anyway because we forgot to get the desk drawer piece. I went solo, and was in and out in about 40 minutes or so. Like I said, I plan to make a full post just about my Ikea experience at some point. The point is that they had the parts there.

I spent a lot of time today being angry this weekend, I think because I just wanted to be comfortable and rested. But after two weeks since leaving, there's still so much chaos. I guess that's what you call being homesick. I was naive to think we'd get everything settled all in one weekend too.

It even carries over to work. When a company pays out the ass to move you cross-country, there's pressure to start adding value immediately. It's not pressure from the company itself, and they even say in orientation to give yourself a month or two, but from the situation. I hoped this weekend to remote into my work computer and get into the code base of our app, and it just didn't happen.

But we've only got two days this week, and then next week I'll be in Orlando under the rat's influence, so all is well. The living room is cleaning up, my home office is nearing rightness, the kitchen works, the bathroom is already feeling familiar... it's coming together.


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