We're boxed in

posted by Jeff | Friday, November 6, 2009, 4:22 PM | comments: 0

The house smells like cardboard, and not like the, "Wow, I'm six and this refrigerator box is the best thing ever" smells like cardboard. It's completely weird. +1 for the Graebel packing team, as they were fast and efficient and as far as I know didn't break anything.

They had some "specialist" company come out and pack the TV, which seemed excessive. It's only a 37" LCD, though it did cost close to two grand almost four years ago. Still, what they built around it is almost absurd. There's even a drop detection "thing" inside, like something out of a Mythbusters test. Seriously, this is a $750 TV at most these days.

They ended up doing about 115-ish boxes I think, so add the furniture, plastic tubs, bicycles and such, and that's about it. I'd like to think we did a good job at lightening our overall load (not that we had to pay to move it anyway). We unloaded a pinball machine, twin mattress set, a leather living room set including couch, love seat, chair and ottoman, coffee and end table, hot tub, many lawn and garden implements and several car loads of stuff we gave to the Salivation Army [sic].

The car pack stuff isn't too bad. Aside from the cats, it's mostly just cameras and laptops. I couldn't sell the HVX, unfortunately, at least, not what I wanted for it. So it's one extra trip into the hotel each night. No big deal, I suppose.

We managed to stay just ahead of them in terms of finishing up the division of temp housing stuff. I noticed in taking out the stereo and TV stuff that there are fortunately a lot fewer wires than the last time I moved. The DVR and AppleTV have a lot to do with that, I suppose.

So at this point, we're essentially packed and ready to roll. The next three nights we have pretty much nothing to do, which is awesome. Japanese food tonight, party at D&B tomorrow night with whatever shows up, Buffalo Wild Wings (I'll miss you!) with Diana's BFF on Sunday night. Hopefully the car shippers show up early on Monday, because we could likely depart early afternoon if they do. The packers think this is a quick load.


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