When the little things add up

posted by Jeff | Sunday, December 13, 2009, 12:41 AM | comments: 0

I have a problem. My normal, generally chilled out self is missing. I've been getting really tweaked out lately, mostly over stupid shit.

Today there were a series of things that messed with me. Around lunch time, I burned (not seriously) my hand on a plate from the microwave, which I then dropped on the counter and broke, which made me even more angry. The front door keeps getting stuck because it seems to have become swollen from the cold. Then the ATM ate my business debit card, and after 15 minutes on hold, the woman at Chase couldn't even issue a new card.

It's weird not feeling like yourself. I'm sure a part of it is not being in a familiar place, away from your friends and away from the routine you had for many years. The settling process is obviously going to take some time.


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