When vampires were trendy last time

posted by Jeff | Friday, September 10, 2010, 9:02 PM | comments: 0

I just watched the Underworld prequel. I was not optimistic since what largely made the other movies interesting was the modern setting and, above all, Kate Beckinsale (her character doesn't exist yet in the prequel). Much of the back story had been filled in by those movies anyway, so the last one didn't add much. Though I have to wonder: Could Rhona Mitra beat Angelina Jolie in a lip fighting contest? She was, after all, the first Lara Croft model.

But before all of this Twilight nonsense, there was Underworld. There was also Blade. The thing that I always found intriguing about these vampire stories is that they were mostly the total opposite of the typical monster movie thing. Vampires were like high society, and they'd hang out in plush, yet gothic rooms, being sexy and aloof. It was like, except for that whole sunlight is deadly thing, being a vampire would be really kick ass.

I have to wonder, will zombies ever get this treatment? I suppose not, since by definition they're just dead people animated by some virus. And as long as Milla is around, they don't stand a chance.


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