Why are local print shops so incompetent?

posted by Jeff | Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 1:00 PM | comments: 0

I ran out of membership cards for CoasterBuzz Club recently, so I called around to various print shops to see who could perforate new ones. Full color printing was too much no matter where I went, so I decided instead to take the printing into my own hands and buy a color laser printer. At least that way I can change them periodically.

So I settled on a shop in the next town to do the perforation. That was three weeks ago. I've been in there three times. The die that they ordered to cut the holes was coarse and did nothing but cause the paper to rip when you tried to punch the cards out. So today I went in through the winter storm warning for the third time to look at samples, and it was absolutely unacceptable. They just called and said they were ordering a new die and would have it early next week.

This isn't the first time I've had problems. The first time I did this (I ordered a thousand color cards), they got the perforation wrong the first time. They did it on the lines of the printing, which was incorrect. The image of the card bleeds over the perforation, and that's what I specified in my instructions. So if you have a club card to this point, and saw there were two sets of perforations, that's why.

What is it that's so difficult for these people? How do complex print jobs ever get done?

I'm frustrated as hell, because I've got about a dozen cards to send out, and I don't have any. Not that the members will need their cards this week for anything, but it's just the principle of it all.


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