You're playing it too safe

posted by Jeff | Monday, October 22, 2007, 11:17 AM | comments: 0

Just when I get pretty comfortable in what I'm doing "for a living," I end up seeing something like this that seems to be written for me.

It's all true, but I think an increasingly evident change isn't so much fear, but acceptance that I kind of like what I do. Not all of the time, but certainly the majority of the time.

The alternative plan for me, involves some kind of plan where I can ramp up to six figure income within a year, so that might be part of the problem in that it's probably not that realistic (unless I have a really good idea). If that balloons fast enough, I can move to that house on the beach, open a volleyball club and really enjoy the stuff I do in more of a part-time capacity now. I'd make that damn film too.

The thing that has probably changed the most in my 30's though is the notion that things are "good enough." I need to find some of that 20-something idealism again and not forget. Like that blog post says, I've got an enormous safety net out there right now. Best I use it.


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